Kids for Cheetahs

Tear marks for Cheetahs Social Media Campaign: adorn your face with cheetah tear marks, make a donation to a worthy cheetah cause, take a picture of yourself and challenge your friends on social media to do the same!


Welcome to Kids for Cheetahs!

Cheetahs are amazing animals – they’re the fastest land mammal and the only big cat that can purr, among many other things. Unfortunately, cheetahs need our help and they need it NOW, otherwise we could see them go extinct in my lifetime.

My name is Joris, and my goal is to help get cheetah populations back up in numbers so that they eventually are no longer on the endangered species list.

I live in the US, and of course we have no wild cheetahs here, but there are people and organizations in southern and eastern Africa who are already trying hard to save cheetahs. I’ve been working closely with a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia called N/a’an ku sĂȘ.

I started fundraising when I was 6, and over the years I’ve learned that kids can help make a real difference. If you are a kid who loves cheetahs and want to help, I invite you to join me. Check out my Get Involved! page for ideas on how to help.

If you are an adult who loves cheetahs too, please consider donating or buying an item to help cheetah conservation projects. 100% of profits directly go to cheetah conservation work!