Get Involved!

Cheetahs need all the help they can get and even if you’re just a kid (maybe especially!) you can help make a BIG difference! Here are some ideas you can try:

Set up a lemonade stand – all you need is lemonade and cups! It helps if you can make a sign and if you can set up near where there are a lot of people, like at a popular walking trail or a busy event.

Set up an online fundraiser – I use Crowdrise, but there are many different ones. You will need an adult to help you set up the financial stuff, but you can write all the personal thank-you notes. You’ll be surprised how many people will want to help you if you ask nicely and tell them why it matters to you.

Run a t-shirt campaign – People like getting something back in return for their support and Booster makes it very easy to set up a campaign to sell t-shirts. They will help you make a design (or you can provide one) and they will print and ship the shirts when the campaign ends. You will have to do the marketing (trying to get people to buy a shirt) and write personal thank-you notes.

Collect used goods – Most people have stacks of stuff laying around they’re happy to donate to a good cause. This is a longer project and you’ll need access to a storing place, like a basement, garage or empty room. You can go around your neighborhood, ask kids at school, friends and family in town, etc. Once you have a lot of stuff you can hold a garage sale (advertise on Craigslist and sites like NextDoor) and you can set up a collection date with Value Village’s FunDrive to buy the rest of the things you collected.

Organize an event – I have held a Rollerskating for Cheetahs party 3 times now, twice it was my birthday party (open to everyone) where I asked for donations instead of birthday presents. You’ll need a adult to help you rent out the rink (or other space), but you can help invite people and spread the word. It’s been a good way to raise money. Bowling, bouncing houses and such work too.

Do chores for money – Ask your neighbors, family and friends if they need help with anything, or make a chore list (chores for cheetahs!) with fees; for example Mowing the lawn $15, Washing the car $10.

Make & sell something – Maybe you’re really crafty and are good at sewing, drawing, writing a poem or story or jewelry making or something. If you have something you enjoy making, consider making a bunch to sell.

Amazon Smile – A small way to help is to set up your Amazon Smile account to a cheetah cause. N/a’an ku sĂȘ and Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) are registered 501c3 organizations.

Everything counts! – Just the smallest donation can help! Don’t try to set out and raise thousands of dollars in 1 go. Little bits add up quickly!