You can now buy beautiful custom designed decals and ornaments to support cheetah conservation efforts: 100% of profits will be donated and will directly benefit wild cheetahs!


Kira Lehman Studios designed these cheetah footprint designs based on Roadie’s actual paw print. Roadie is a rescued cheetah living at N/a’an ku sĂȘ Wildlife Sanctuary.

 Roadie was rescued as a cub on the side of the road, after her mother was killed by a car. With the sanctuary’s loving care, Roadie has fully recovered and has since grown into a gorgeous adult cheetah. Because she was so young when she was brought in she is unlikely to be released back into the wild (the Namibian government has strict laws concerning carnivores). 

Instead, she lives in comfort at the sanctuary and serves as an ambassador for her species. Roadie hopes that with the proceeds of this purchase more cheetahs can be protected and left in the wild where they belong.



Items available for purchase

3″x4″ all-weather vinyl decal sticker (perfect for cars, laptops, etc.). Since it’s a decal, only the black design will show, no ugly transparent sticker corners – it looks really sharp!

Available in Running Cheetah design (spot pattern is based on Roadie’s!) 


or Solid Black


$7.95 a piece which includes free shipping in the US. We also ship worldwide for a flat-rate of $1.15

2.25″ x 3″ birch wood ornaments

The same awesome design laser engraved on a 1/4″ thick, sustainable birch wood ornament. These will look equally beautiful in your Christmas tree, Easter tree, hanging from your rear-view mirror or on your wall! 

$12.95 a piece, with discounts for multi-pack purchases. Free shipping in the US and worldwide shipping for a flat rate of $1.15

If you don’t have an Amazon account: If you’d like to make a purchase but don’t have an (US) Amazon account, please contact us and we can take a PayPal payment and easily send items your way!